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Fence Builder -17/hr

Published Date

November 4, 2021 at 6:03:46 p.m.

Job requirements

✅Experience: 1-2 years preferred
✅Language: English required
✅Start Date - May 2022
✅Education: High school minimum - trade certificate preferred.
✅Employment Type: Full time / permanent

Job duties:

•Read blueprints or work order specifications to determine layout and installation procedures
•Measure and mark guidelines to be used for installations
•Install, repair and service interior prefabricated products such as doors, windows, kitchen cupboards, bathroom vanities, water heaters and household appliances using hand and power tools
•Install, repair and service exterior prefabricated products such as siding, shutters, awnings, fencing, decks, septic and irrigation systems, signs and play structures using hand and power tools.

How to apply:

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