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Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Mechanics

Published Date

February 10, 2021 at 12:41:54 p.m.

Job requirements

✅ Completion of secondary school is usually required.
✅ Completion of a three- to five-year apprenticeship program
or a combination of over five years of work experience in the trade and some
high school, college or industry courses in refrigeration and air conditioning repair
is usually required to be eligible for trade certification.

Job duties:

• Develop and conduct programs of sampling and analysis to maintain quality standards of raw materials, chemical intermediates and products
• Inspection and maintenance and the development of standards, procedures
and health and safety measures
• Review all food safety and quality related complaints
• Responsible for conducting internal audit and customer audit
• Conduct and monitor testing and inspection of materials and products to
ensure quality and safety
• Install, troubleshoot and overhaul entire heating, ventilation, air handling,
refrigeration and air conditioning systems
• Start up system and test for leaks using testing devices
• Recharge system with refrigerant, check and test regulators, calibrate
system and perform routine maintenance or servicing
• Repair and replace parts and components for entire refrigeration, air
conditioning, ventilation or heat pump systems
• May install, maintain and repair equipment in refrigerated trucks used to transport food
• Assemble and install refrigeration or air conditioning components such as motors, controls, gauges, valves, circulating pumps, condensers,
humidifiers, evaporators and compressors using hand and power tools

How to apply:

Email your resume and cover letter to:

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