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Knowledge to plan your immigration with Port to Port Immigration Services 🇨🇦

Exclusive live meetings with the Canadian Atlantic immigration expert team!

for only $50/month

Meet our experts

Your Canada plan in the right direction!

Find out what is the best strategy for you to live single or with your family in Canada. In each mentoring you will discover more which Canadian Atlantic province and program has to do with your lifestyle.

Content for all phases of your planning

It doesn't matter if it's your first time to hear about Canada's immigration and study programs or if you're already set to come to Canada. This mentoring is for you at any stage

Why join the Atlantic Live Mentoring?

Here are the reasons why this mentoring program is the best solution for you who are planning to immigrate to Canada.

Learn from those who really know about the Atlantic

Will my degree is worth in Canada? Is my profession in demand in the country? Can I work and study at the same time? This and many questions answered live during mentoring.

Always up to date

With monthly and live meetings with experts from Port to Port you are always up to date and in front of the main news, changes and opportunities to live in the Canadian Atlantic.


Marilyn Clark

IRCC Immigration Consultant

Michelle Cropped.jpg

Michelle Cormier

Human Resources Coordinator

Sheryl Pangilinan

Placement Officer

How this mentoring works

These are the benefits of being mentored by Port to Port Immigration

  • 100% English content - for you to practice the language while being mentored.

  • Networking - creating groups with people who are looking to immigrate to the Atlantic Canada.

  • Live - mentoring takes place in real time so you can ask questions in English with the mentors.

  • Multiplataform - you can watch from your phone, tablet or computer with internet access


New Brunswick, Newfoundland and Labrador, Nova Scotia or Prince Edward Island?

Atlantic Live Mentoring

for only $50/month

The 5 main differentials of Atlantic Live Mentoring

You will be mentored by leading experts in the Canadian Atlantic recruitment, selection and study fields.


Exclusive Atlantic content

The best content in the most desired region for immigration, with the greatest experts in the market and available only at Atlantic Live Mentoring.


Experience with natives

All mentoring takes place at the highest level of quality of content and interaction, transmitted directly from Halifax - Nova Scotia.


Cost benefit

The best option for those who are still studying about the best region to live, study and work within Atlantic soon as possbile



You will be able to access the content whenever you want, as it will be recorded on the platform to view and review as many times as you want.


No headache

We have a support team that can answer all your technical and content questions.

Frequently Asked Questions


No more questions when planning your new life in Canada!

Learn from professionals at Port to Port, a Halifax/NS company with a focus on Atlantic immigration programs.

Atlantic Live Mentoring

for only $50/month

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